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301 Mayfield St
Tilton, IL 61833-7460
(217) 443-5347

We would like to provide you more detailed information on PhotoSTEEL to meet your application needs. Just give us a bit of information of your project and we will get back with you within one business day.

Sending Photos

To aid us in quoting your project, you may send your photo(s) as an attachment in a separate email.

Email to:

Be sure and put your name & contact phone number in the subject box so we can match your pics up with the email form at left. Do not downsize your jpg when emailing us - send your largest photo.

About Your Pictures

The better the picture the better the quality of your metal art.

We ask that you set your digital camera at the highest quality setting. 1 meg or higher gets great digital printing.

We can scan older photos but they will not be as sharp. Best to send hard images to us for evaluation first. Of course, we need for you to email your digital pics for the printing. More than one photo allows us to chose the best photo. We do all cropping and prep work.

The file types that we can accept are: .pdf, .eps, .ai, and vector format

Send your pics to us at

Be sure and give us your name & phone # in the Subject box so we can match your order info with your photo.

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