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.Point-of-Sale Display: Not your typical stand-up cardboard piece. PhotoSTEEL provides a heavy, high quality, look and feel that will set your company apart from the competition right when it matters.

Sales Spiffs/Awards: When unwrapped by your retailers or sales people, a PhotoSTEEL product always makes a lasting impression. Its high resolution and three dimensional look along with the heavy weight will let them know that they have received special recognition.

Memorials: Funeral home directors can take advantage of a new profit center with PhotoSTEEL. The trend in the industry is customization. PhotoSTEEL provides the ultimate in a variety of looks, text application and shape to add a touch of class to any memorial occasion.

Customer Loyalty: Extend the customer experience indefinitely with the ability to capture them “in action” with your product or service. Give the customer an option to relive their best times with your product or service by making them permanent with a PhotoSTEEL, plaque or sign suitable for mounting.

Novelty/Promotion: Get creative at your place of business! One restaurant owner used PhotoSTEEL as a custom mural displaying both customer experiences and product promotions right on his bar and tabletops. He couldn’t get a more durable surface while adding just the right “splash” to promote his business.

Tradeshows: Use PhotoSTEEL to make an impression far beyond the run-of-the-mill show displays. Integrate a near life size, three-dimensional custom picture of your CEO, celebrity sponsor or sports star with your logo/product and call-to-action prominently displayed.

PhotoSTEEL is perfect for capturing your badge, medal, crest, or club identity. It can be produced in greater-than-lifelike size and realism. Whether it is a centerpiece display at your headquarters, lodge or barracks or used as a gift for service or achievement, PhotoSTEEL can help you create enthusiasm; build loyalty and promote duty.

Signage: Whether indoor or outdoor PhotoSTEEL provides a rustproof, heavy-duty alternative to flimsy signs and banners that weather, fade and tear. In addition, high quality graphics and lettering effects can be added to any stock logo or image for that custom look when needed.
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